How Can I Install on E: Drive (instead of C: Drive)?

My C: is full and I need to install on E:

martes 03 noviembre 2020 :: 2148hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @hrikevin

It can be done but only if you know how to edit the install routine.
Without the level of knowledge required the easiest thing for you to do would be to resize the partitions on your hard drive.

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Are there any instructions for editing the install routine? My SSD (drive C) is full, so I need to install it on the bigger HDD (Drive D) instead.

Are there any instructions for editing the main installation routine? My SSD (drive C) is full, so I need to install it on the bigger HDD (Drive D) instead

There is no instructions by eM Client directly for editing the install routine, as the main eM Client program “is supposed to be installed” on the C drive.

That is “not what takes up the space anyway”. It’s the “actual mail database itself” that takes up space.

So after the installation" has been completed, you can change the database storage location"

Go to “Menu / Settings / General / Storage” and you can the "specify and other local internal or external drive like D or E etc.

If you do change the storage database location, if possible you are best to use a “fast internal” SSD (Solid state drive) like an eg: Evo type drive or similar, and not a mechanical standard drive, or you normally will find things much slower to load and can also get delays loading things “as many users” have found out.

Also when you change the location of the mail database you only instally “get a blank database” at the new location, so you then have to “copy your existing hidden folder mail database” to the new location and delete the new blank database.

Note:- Before doing any change of the database location, make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

“eM Client support instructions” on how to change the storage database location".