How can I import the address book of Thunderbird?

Last week I imported Thunderbird’s address book successfully. I can’t remember if Thunderbird was still installed. But I had to reinstall Windows 7 HP, and now the Import does no more work. Thunderbird is no more installed, but I have restored the Profile from a backup. But when I start the Import process no files or Folders to restore from are shown.

Is there a possibility to Import Thunderbird’s address book without reinstalling it?

Hi Richard, Thunderbird has to be installed on your computer in order to import from the application.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul, I still have the first Installation on another harddrive, where I managed to Import Thunderbird’s address book. Could I copy the imported adress book in my actual Installation? What is the Name of the file?


Hi Ramses, not really sure if I understand now, do you have two installation/data folders from Thunderbird on your computer?

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