How can i import only contacts from OUTLOOK and not emails?

I want to seperate out GMAIL and WORK emails into em and Outlook.
But want the CONTACTS in each.

I thought i had it sorted but wanted to ‘sync’ through importuing and now imported all OUTLOOK emails as well as contacts.
If i delete the email in em they delete off Outlook as well…

any ideas?

Hi Val, how did you import the data from Microsoft Outlook, did you use the account import or did you imported from a selected PST data file?
To Import your contacts, make sure you’re importing from the PST file, navigate to File > Import > Import from Microsoft Outlook and use the option to import the data from a selected PST file.

Hope this helps,

Many thanks Paul - I will do that.

Can you let me know now I used the incorrect import, how I can get rid of the emails from Outlook that i don’t want? (I have imported those from GMAIL).

Kindest, Val

Hi again Val, I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to. If you’ve imported your data through the initial import, your accounts were imported - this probably means you’ve imported an IMAP account that automatically downloaded all available messages from the server, or in case this is a POP account only new unread messages were downloaded.

If you’ve imported any emails into the IMAP account, just delete the unwanted messages in eM client and they’ll be deleted from the server as well. If you’ve imported your emails into a POP account, the messages are only available for this account in eM client as POP accounts do not synchronize your data between the client and the server.

Hope this helps,