How can I import my contacts and calendar from windows live mail to eM client.

How can I import my contacts and calendar from windows live mail to eM client. I have a backed up folder with the contacts but need to import hem to eM client as well as my calendar if this can be done.e andcts

You can import from WLM by selecting Menu > File > Import > Windows Live Mail.

Thanks for your suggestion. I replaced my hard drive so I lost  Windows Live Mail. I’ve tried to use Outlook but nothing is coming into my Outlook inbox. I believe I’ve got everything  restored from Carbonite but this isn’t happening as smoothly as I’d like.   

My understanding is that in order to import from Windows Live Mail, it has to be installed. In fact, if it is not installed, the option is not even there in the import dialogue.

But you said you backed up your contacts and calendar from WLM. Depending on the format they are in you may be able to import them. Calendars can be imported from ics files, and contacts from vcf, wab or csv files.

I did as you suggested but it re-imported the windows live mail which was already done on the initial intallation. It won’t import the calendar.  

I think by default it imports them to Local Folders, so check there. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

If they are not there please try the import again. I have never used WLM, nor had to import from it, so I cannot give you a step by step, but once you have selected Menu > FIle > Import > WLM, are you given the option to import selected folders? If you are, choose that option and select only the calendar folders. You may also be given an option of which folder to import them to.