How can I have social and promotion emails automatically go into there own separate categories as in GMAIL WEB based client?

I am used to using GMAIL on the web based client. It has 3 separate tabs to automatically separate incoming emails into inbox, social and promotions. How can I achieve doing this with eM Client? 

Hi Simeon.

Unfortunately that option is not available, nor planned in eM Client.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your reply. I find the 3 separate tabs very useful as I don’t need to go through all the marketing emails to get to the important ones in my inbox. I check the promotions tab when less busy. Do you know of any other email client for GMAIL which has this option?

I am not a regular GMail user, but you should be able to assign labels to messages in the social and promotions tabs, and then they will appear in eM Client as folders. 

You can try by creating a filter in the GMail web interface, using category:promotions or category:social in Includes the words field, and then assign a label. Maybe that will work.

Thanks. The messages already have social and promotions labels in Gmail, but they don’t seem to appear in eMClient as folders.

That is a different type of label; in GMail it is called a Category. You can create a label for social, then create a filter for the social category, assigning it the social label. In eM Client they will then appear in a social folder.