How can I get the default Windows 7 UI look and feel back into eM client 6.0?

I just upgraded to eM client 6.0 and I am disappointed that it no longer looks consistent from common windows 7 apps. what can I do to make it look more windows 7 again???

Basicly how do I make it look like this…

Instead of the way it looks now???

Am I missing something or is that just “Classic” as opposed to “Modern” theme? (Tools - Settings - Appearance)

I changed the theme to classic and all I get is a more “greyish” appearance. The borders still appear just as flat.

So is there anything I can do to solve this??? :expressionless:

Hi, this is not issue but modernization of eM Client’s look so it will not look weird in newest Windows (8.1) version.


Why was this necessary to change? I have seen apps of the same version that look fine for both Windows 7, and Windows 8+. Heck, they even still look fine on Windows XP. Skype, VLC Player and Evernote are a perfect examples off the top of my head… Even Thunderbird! Why fix something that wasn’t even broken to start out with? Now it looks quite ugly and very inconsistent. Consistency, isn’t that what they teach when it comes to User Interface design 101?

Anyway, I am disappointed with this design decision. Might move back to Thunderbird.

We have changed it because new Windows 8 which will one day take majority of users has this looks so eM Client can’t look different.

Only thing which is planned regarding looks is making all windows look same even under older version than 8.


Old thread but so funny to read!! 
But what brought me to re-awaken this thread is the change from 6 to 7. The look and feel of Vers. 6 is (imo) preferred by the majority of users and making Vers. 7 look like current MS offerings is a huge mistake!
Windows 8 was a mistake just like Windows Virus - (sorry I meant Windows Vista). Windows 8.1 is practically non-existant from a user base which means either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Every Windows 10 client we see using a traditional desktop or laptop also has Classic Shell or something similar installed.
So the moral of the story is don’t force users to change unless they elect to do so! Give them the choice!