How can i fix the received time?


How can i change the received time in left red box ?
It shown synced time, not mail received time.

please let me know how to fix it…


As far as i am aware, (for Imap and Pop accounts) that its the actual (received time) that the mail arrived (on your mail server).

eg: When EMClient receives the mail which you see in your Inbox, it is time stamped and dated from when it actually arrived in your mailbox at the server end. You might download it later, but it will allways show you the exact time and date it was received.

If you go into your actual mailbox on the server, you should find the received times and dates of those emails are identical.

I have the same problem, on the web mail the time is correct, while on emclient no! The PC time is correct but applies to the 2 hour change.

Luca, check that your computer is set to the correct time zone.