How can I find the old mails?

I had to set up windows and now I’m searching the old database of em client. I do not have done a backup but I’m shure that I set the path for saving to an external drive. But now I can’t remember to witch one it was. How can I find the data? What is the ending of this database? Hope you can helb me to get back my local stored e-Mail. Thx in advance.

You can search for a unique filename from the database like widgets.dat.

When you find it, you want the whole /eM Client/ directory (or you may have renamed it) and all of it’s sub directories. That makes up the database. Then in eM Client go to Menu > Settings > General > Storage and select the location where that folder is located.

Hey Gary
thx for your answer. I found one database but it was an very old one. The one I’m looking for I didn’t found. But I think I have copied the file to the actual database and now I have new and old ones in one directory. Stupid I know. I think the Mails must be at the file mail_data.dat because of the date and time the file has:

Hope I can fix this soon and many thanks for an answer in advance…

The eM Client folder is a complete database. If you copy another folder into it, it will completely replace what is there. It won’t combine them.

Find the directory that has the most recent files, and use that.

I can’t find it so I will start new. It has also some positiv aspects. :wink: Thank you for your support and have a great time…