How can I duplicate/forward all e-mails at a time, but not one by one?

I’ve been using EM Client for about 10 days now and after a logged in into my email I realized all of my original e-mails have been exported to EM Client, but I want to keep them at my original e-mail client as well or to duplicated it in another one jsut in case if I stop using EM Client or my pc crashes or whatever. So. I’m not asking about backing it up, but how to forward all of them at at onace to an other email. Currently I have move than 3000 important emails to forward and if I have to do it manually it’ll be a nightmare and also I’ll lose the original date from the e-mail. Also, is there a way to set an automatic forwarding of every recieved e-mail ?Please,  really need some help here, cheers :slight_smile:

If you are using IMAP or Exchange to access your email sever, not matter which email client you use, they will all have the exact same data.

You can check how your account is setup in Menu > Tools > Accounts.