How can I delete attachments without deleting the actual e-mail?

How can I delete attachments without deleting the actual e-mail? I do not want to clog up my back up file.

Hi, currently there is no way how to remove attachments from existing messages. We will consider it as a feature request.

Three year after the request, are you still going to consider?

It is in our todo list, but we are now focusing on the features with higher priority.

I am considering this as a move from Thunderbird. I see this as a important feature if the mail is being download to my computer. I haven’t gotten that far yet. Hopefully that is another thing that can be done.

So far it’s looking rather tasty.

I am sorry but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented.

Hi, this is a deal breaker for my business. We send and receive a vast number of attachments and have to be able to remove them from messages. We currently use Thunderbird which has powerful tools for handling attachments. It seems a major missing feature to me and I am sure to others too. I really like the platform but having to delete attachments at the mail server level rather than the mail client would be a pain.


“delete attachments” feature is planned in 6th version which will be released in few weeks.


I’m on v6.01+ and don’t see a way to delete specific attachments while preserving the message. Is the function there somewhere? I do see some attachment DB files inside C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Roaming\eM Client but they seem to be monolithic…

Hi Rob,

You can just right click with your mouse button on an attachment in an e-mail and select ‘remove’ from the popup menu.

screen shot:

please do not try to edit anything in database manually, it can cause broken database and loss of data.