How can I delete a specific recipient from the suggestions list?

I want to remove one specific email address from the automatically suggested addresses that appear when I type in a recipient. I see how to clear the entire recipients history, but I don’t want to clear them all. Just this one.

Any ideas? I’m using eM Client 5.0.17595.0



When you open the suggestion list, there should be a little red cross near the name - click it to delete the selected recipient.

Thanks, George. eM Client was working almost perfectly for me…until you issued the update on Wednesday (May 1). It now opens all emails in a minimized window (instead of a full window, as before). Also, it now automatically opens the next message when I close or delete a message (instead of going to the inbox, as before). And there do not seem to be any ways to switch them back.

You guys managed to ruin eM Client for me in a single day, which is really too bad since there’s so much that’s good about it. These sound like little things, but they are very annoying and I can’t use it like this. I’ve gone back to Outlook. I will try eM Client again as soon as these issues are addressed. So please keep me informed.


Both mentioned issues will be fixed in the next update.

Good news. Any idea when the next update will be released?


I hope we will release it next week.