How can I cut and paste into a letter I am composing?

I am new to this email client and wish to use it to replace my Microsoft Outlook 2010. But I am not it seems able to cut and paste what is on my clipboard, ie. a url address into the letter I wish to send. Any help you can offer me?


do you have newest Internet Explorer if yes can you try to reset it to default settings?


Thanks ! I tried that using I-explorer 11.0 and it worked. I had to drop down to the share category on YouTube and use cut and paste from that. When using the standard, CRL+C, CRL+V commands it does not work. Very odd though? :slight_smile:

I hope they fix this, however because YouTube is not the only URL which I often like to send to others and I also use other browsers.

then it is issue with IE core, eM Client use Internet Explorer core to show and to work with emails.

That is why many issues with IE can prevent things in eM Client.