How can I change my SMTP setting to send emails in France

Have Bouygues as provider but suggested SMTP code is SMTP.BBOX.FR. The current format eg does not work, Does eM Client work in France?

Incoming: sur le port 993
Outgoing: sur le port 587

Hi, My current provider is in Australia. I have a POP account. Setting This works and I can receive emails. My SMTP setting is also I am in France using Bouygues for my internet with a bbox. Setting in ACCOUNTS /SMTP/ HOST does not work with I get a rejection error and a message to contact the server, or it just not get sent.

My SMTP setting is also

If you are out of Australia you normally need to use the SMTP server settings of the physical internet ISP connection of who you are currently connecting to there in that country as @NORVIN
advised or you can get “relaying SMTP errors”. So if you are using a local ISP internet connection in France, dblcheck with their tech support staff on what SMTP setting to use.

However if you are using a “non ISP internet connection” out of Australia to just use “on a temporary basis”, then you should use your “TPG webmail” to send mail till you are back in Australia to avoid SMTP server sending issues.

So send mail via that and BCC yourself when you send, so you have a copy of the sent mail and can drag that to your eM Client sent box folder.

If you use a global non isp mail service like eg: Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud etc in eM Client, then the same SMTP mail settings work normally anywhere in the world even on free internet service. But when you normally have a local ISP internet mail server connection like with TPG and are out of the country, you can get problems sending unless you have the right country SMTP setting.

I read your original post as if you used Bouygues since you asked if eM Client works in France and only gave an Australian mail server as an example. Your Australian mail settings are both as you stated. Make sure you are authenticating to your outgoing mail server as stated here:

If everything looks right and it still doesn’t work, use webmail as @cyberzork advised.

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Thankyou for your effort.
Ray Bailey

You don’t have to change your server just because you are travelling. But there are some factors that can cause it to fail when you are connecting through a different network.

If the SMTP port was set to 25, this may work from home, especially when the email server is from your Internet provider. That means you are not going through a different network to get to the server, and the lower security options offered by port 25 will work just fine. Usually changing the SMTP port to 587 and the security policy to Force usage of SSL/TLS will resolve that.

You may be using a VPN or proxy that doesn’t support the connection, or you were using one at home but now aren’t. So try this with both the VPN and proxy disabled, or with them enabled.

Another possibility is your Anti-virus application. Those like AVG/AVAST are well known for blocking sending messages. Try completely disable the anti-virus application then try again. Windows Defender will not do this, so if that is what you use, no need to disable it.

Hi Gary. Thanks for responding. I tried the settings you suggested, but no success. Before I left Australia, my Aus provider (both internet and email) advised me that I must change my SMTP settings in France. Boujgues is my internet provider but TPG is my email provider. Here is the error.

Hi again Gary. This is the error I receive when I start em Client.

@raybailey Your email server is suppose to be instead of for starters. The settings in the link I posted for Apple Mail also say to log into your SMTP server, but to not use SSL. Settings between different clients are usually the same. Here are more…

TPG, iiNet and Ozemail (all owned by TPG) don’t generally like you using overseas IP addresses to send mail via mail clients as I’ve found in the past and will generally block you from sending.

So that’s why I advised to change in eM Client to your local France ISP SMTP server setting in eM Client while you are in France as also advised by TPG before you left as you stated above.

You will normally just get rejected otherwise when sending. So I would still recommend to change your SMTP server setting and then move any email currently in your outbox stuck sending to your eg: drafts folder and create new emails which will then have the correct France ISP SMTP server setting in the outgoing emails.

Dblcheck with Boujgues ISP what the SMTP settings should be for sending mail in clients.

Here are my current TPG settings for my smtp. TPG is my internet provider and mail provider. Port 25. Don’t use secure connection.

My internet provider while I am in France is Bouygues. Bouygues advise me that the smtp setting is SMTP.BBOX.FR. I have tried this without success.

I have tried changing port to 587 as has been suggested. No success.
This should be easy. I don’t get it.

Change the security policy for port 25 to Use SSL/TLS if available

Next, tick the option that says Server requires Authentication and click on Save & Close.