How can I change my avatar.

Hi - I seem to have been ‘given’ an avatar (on eMclient), from an old gmail account I no longer use.
Is there any way of changing my eMclient avatar? And if so, how would I do that.
Many thanks.

eM Client sources your avatar from different places on the Internet. The one you are seeing could be coming from your Google+ account that is linked to your current email address. You can change the avatar through your Google+ profile settings, or in your GMail settings in the web interface for your present account. Another possibility is that you have a Gravatar account setup for that email address.

Or you can disable avatars in eM Client through Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts > Avatars. Once you have disabled them, if the avatars are still showing, close eM Client and delete the avatar cache at C:\Users_username_\AppData\Local\eM Client\

Gary hi and thank you for a very helpful reply. My avatar ‘updated’, and I was also able to sort out images for most of my regular email correspondents.
My next ‘puzzle’, is working out the difference between ‘Sent’ (mail), and ‘Sent Items’ (mail). And why two categories for ‘sent’?
But many thanks again for your avatar answer.

Sometimes an email client will use a different name for the sent folder. It may have been eM Client or another. You will have to check when sending from you phone or whatever other client you are using where the sent items end up. The phone might put them in Sent Items and eM Client may put them in Sent.

If eM Client is putting them in Sent Items, you can change the setting back to GMail defaults in account settings, in the IMAP tab. By default it should be set to automatically detect special folders.

Thank you… I think I’m beginning to get to know eMclient…! Though one last question, for the moment at least.
When inserting an image into an email, is there any way of putting a rule or line border around it?
In Windows LiveMail there was a choice of ‘borders’ for an image. I don’t need a choice, but it would be helpful to ‘box rule’ an image occasionally.

I don’t think it is possible to add a border to an image. As an alternative, you can first insert a table with one row and one column, and then insert the image inside the table. Takes a few clicks but visually it is the same.

Hi and many thanks. Just tried it and it works fine - but as you say there are two or three stages to go through. I will attempt to put ‘add a box rule to an image’ into the ‘idea’ box, and see if anyone else thinks it would be useful. I find it so as images often have very pale or white areas, and are quite badly ‘defined’ on a white page with text.