How can I change instant messaging font type, size, weight?


I want to change Instant Messaging fonts, but I cannot find any settings regarding to that.

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Hi, this is unfortunately not currently possible in eM Client.
Since the instant messaging in it’s original interface doesn’t usually support different fonts,
other users wouldn’t be able to see the formated text.

I hope you understand,

Ok, I fully understand. But I dont want to change the message what I send. Only what i see in chat window. Make some customization to see messages better, etc.

The Zoom is working CTRL + Mouse wheel.

If I guess there is no way to save this Zoom level :slight_smile:

Hi, no unfortunately there’s no setting for that, but good point, I’ll tell that to the developers if it was possible to add this feature for future releases maybe.

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Thank you Paul :slight_smile: