how can i change attachment save default location

Currently attachment default save directory is My Documents. I want to change it to My Attachments.

I’m very sorry for the late reply…
sorry unfortunately this feature is not supported.
If you’d like to see this feature, please add an idea topic that allows other users to vote on that feature, if the feedback is sufficient we might add it in future releases.

I hope you understand,
Thank you,

Assuming that I understand the original question correctly I would also like to change the location for storage of attachments. As installed the location allocated by em client on my computer is

C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client temporary files\elqkfdky.hpg

I’m puzzled, can this really not be changed? Storage in a “Temp” folder in an obscure location looks like a bad decision and doesn’t really work for me.

Hi John,
the Temp folder which contains the eM Client temporary files is a folder for any temporary data for all applications installed on your computer.

It is unfortunately not currently possible to change the folder location as this folder is used for temporary files only, other attachments (in case you’re using the “download messages for offline use” and the “including attachments” option are saved in the eM Client’s database files.