How can I backup my xml file?

I formatted all my system (Windows 10) and after that I tried to import all my settings and accouts from xml file. Unfortunatelly something goes wrong because I received a many error during this process. 
I tried format my computer again and again tried import it. The same…

I have to say that last time when I tried did it everything went ok!

How can I make backup correctly to it will works in the future?

I always made it this way: Menu > File > Import > I choosed xml file.
I attached photo below:

Can I choose everything from the list to make it correctly???

Please Help Me!

I do this all the time when testing, and also have not previously had an issue.

Is the xml file from a different version of eM Client? Like it was exported from version 7, and you are trying to import it to version 8?

Im still using the same version 7.2.33888.0 but I had no problems on Windows 7, now I have problem on 10