How can I add new list of contacts?

After setting I use 2 emails (gmail and my domain). I am not able to create new contacts list (folder) for import my old DB of contacts in *.csv format. I do not want to import to Gmail/Contacts. I would like to organize in new list.

When I want to use right mouse button to create New Contact Folder this err msg:
“Specified method is not supported”

Does it able to create new contact folder?


Unfortunately Google does not allow to created another folders under contacts.

with regards

I do not need to create contact folder for gmail account (Google).
Does it possible to create contact folder in eM?
I do not want to import my personal contact to gmail and then to eM.
Just import contacts to eM, not to Google.
Does some way there or mission impossible please?

well you can create new folder under local folders, that will stay only on your computer and will not synchronize to the server.

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I am afraid I can not create local folder. Would you be so kind and explain to me HOW?
I have @gmail account and @mydomain account. I can see just only gmail contact folder in CONTACT on the right. I do not know where is the local folder I can create new contact list in.
When I want to create new folder under mydomain account and specify folder for contacts, It will change mydomain to gmail account and no able to create new contact folder under @mydomain. Msg err: Specified method is not supported.
I realy do not know how can I import my personal contacts into eM. I am not able create any contact folder.
Do you know how it works?
Thanx in advance for help.

you can simply enable Local folders in eM Client settings under the menu Tools - Settings - General. Tick the option “Show local folders” and click OK. Then open Contacts and create new contact folder under Local folders by right clicking the root Local folder and choosing “New contact folder”.
Hope it helps you.

I have got it.
Thank you.
This is the shot: Tick the option “Show local folders”
Everything works.
Thanx again Jan.

you are much welcome :slight_smile: