How can i add accounts in bulk?

Hi, I have lots of email accounts i manage and want to use em client. Never used any previous tool. Any way I can add all accounts without adding individually?

I don’t think that is normally possible, because as you add each account, you are going to have to complete the authorization process for each one. With most that will be oAuth, so eM Client will need to open your browser where you will enter you credentials, and then the certificate will be passed back to eM Client. Then on to the next one.

It is possible if you are not using oAuth, and that can be done by creating and importing an xml file. So something like:


There are more sections and the heiracy is important. You would have to know something about xml to do that.

It would probably be quicker to just add each account manually though. Unless this is something you need to do for testing, then once the xml is created, you can just use it again and again. But if the xml is not correct, it is not going to work.

Hi Gary, thanks for the response. I use the “Automatic Setup” feature so I imagined there will be a way to add in bulk without doing it one at a time