how attach scan to mail

Having eM Client with Win10, I scan a doc to PC or PDF from Stylus sx230 to pc asus K5F and I receive the msg as:   can’t download through selected station.
Switching to an other usb entry station: the same. Very slow scanning in both cases.
Correct speed for scan to e-mail but the return msg is: no program “attachtomail”. Attach with mail failed.
What’s the prbl about the previous first 2 tries and how to link my scan to an email ?
Many thanks for your help.
Regards. André

I think it may be better for you to check with Epsom about this as I seem to remember that they have a very limited list of email clients that support that feature.

The other option is to scan to disk, and then attach the image in eM Client by the usual method.

Thank you, Gary, for your help. Nice week !