How about adding to the rules: "Move to folder after read"?

Once I read a message from some individuals, it would be useful to have the message automatically moved to a specific folder.

It would make life much easier if I could read all new mail,from all inboxes and then move them via a rule to a specified folder, either manually or automatically, once the message has been read.

I’d even settle for a drop down menu (like Junk Mail) that would allow me to move it to recently used folders.

Recently used folders is good, Thunderbird had that, although it was buried in a context menu.

This is not possible, because rules work only for unread messages.


There is no practical reason that another trigger couldn’t be added to the code that initiated the rules to run based on a period of time after mail was read. IMHO

Reason is that it is not technically possible, otherwise it would be already implemented.
Unread status is working as infinite loop preventer.