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Hi, I’m testing EM Client and I’m very satisfied and I think I’ll propose it as a business tool in my company. I would like to be able to view the time of sending and receiving emails in addition to the date. Can you tell me how it is possible to do this?

I may be wrong ,but believe it’s your Windows Time and date settings.
Adjust them via Control panel and set to long settings for the time.

You may have to restart eM Client to pick up that change.
Maybe even a restart of your System.

I set this way back,  shortly after installation of the OS

I think the OP is referring to having the Mail List display the date and time of the email as opposed to just the time if it is the current day and just the date if it is from a previous day.

I have not found a way to have the Mail List show both at the same time.

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Of course I know wat the OP is referring to.
I’ve used eM Client since 2010 fyi

The reason that I suspect Windows time settings,is that it follows
my Windows Time Settings.
I use international settings  yy/mm/dd  24hr clock  so eg 1:05 PM = 13:05
and that’s how my mails come in or Sent   Date/Time stamp.
it would be very coïncidental that eM Client is smart enough to do that on its own…

Snip from Inbox - Received column

I’ve been using eM Client for a long time as well.

I realize what you mean by the Windows Time Settings, but I don’t think that is the issue. For me, my Sent and Received columns will not show the time for previous days. It does not matter what I set my Windows Time Settings to be. I have also never found the setting, if it exists, in eM Client to specify what information to show in the Sent/Received columns.

Attached is a clip of the Received column for emails in my Inbox.

This is how it has always displayed the date/time for emails for me.

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I’m not sure what to tell you.

My understanding is that the last server of the mail to your computer will " adapt "
if you wil , to your System’s time settings on your mail.

I can receive foreign mail with different time settings.( I see that in the Headers)
Yet when receved, it displays according to my setttings as explained above.

But you’re right that there seems to be no place in eM Client to set this as your preference.

Of course it already starts with the System BIOS or UEFI and later in your Windows settings.

So far, for me, it follows my Windows settings.

My mail is displaying the times correct. If I select an email and view it, I can see the full time without issue and it displays the time in the format I have in Windows (12/24 hr).

The issue the OP, I believe, and I have is that in the Mail List the emails do not show the time there if the email is from a previous day. For me, eM Client does not display the date/time in the Received/Sent column solely based on the Time Settings for Windows.

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thank you for your attention, i tried to change time/date setting in WIN10 but can not see the time in emails sent/received in previous days and this is a big limit for EM Client compared to Outlook or other email clients

I think this will solve your issue-- go to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and in the “Message List” section (bottom), check “Show full date”.  This will display time and date for all emails.

Hi Jay,

You’re “da man”  Thanks for the tip .
Accepted as answer and solution teehee

My screenshots were taken from Win 7
but  I had a weird problem on Win 10 - All mail before Dec 31 2018
showed the time. but from Jan 1st only the date.

Going through the settings again and syncing twice and a reboot resolved the issue.

Your suggestion - or rather, solution , made me go back and reset  the Show full time
entry.  and it worked.

I meant to show the “split” but got sidetracked due to a bad snowstorm in my area.

Main thing is , it got resolved .

Thanks again.

Glad it worked.  It’s amazing how many things a simple reboot will fix, although it’s the last thing I usually think of…

Holy crud! Do you know how many times I looked in the settings there and looked right past that setting? I think I kept looking for a setting that mentioned the time. I never thought that “Show full date” would include showing the date and time… Sheesh…

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