hotmail task missing

Hi, I set up eM Client and also I added my hotmail account.
It’s ok with emails, calendar, contacts… but it doesn’t work with tasks, nothing appear in the task folder. Just for Information, I use hotmail tasks through the webmail ( and through my phone (with nine) without trouble.
Any support will be welcome !

Hello Christophe,
what version of eM Client are you currently running? Check the Help>About section for full number of your version.
Are there any errors in Tools>Operations>Errors window?


Hello Olivia,
My version is
In addition to this current trouble, I had another one with a lot of emails “nobody@invalid.invalid”. I read in the FAQ that hotmail was not ready to work through exchange, I also set up my hotmail account by IMAP. Except if you’re able to solve ths 2 troubles, I think that I’m going to stay with IMAP configuration. In any case thanks for your reply.
BR Christophe