hotmail setup

I seem to be having problems with my Hotmail account. I keep receiving errors which state the connection failed and that the server may be unavailable or the setting are incorrect. The account is setup using the Outlook template. How should the mail account be setup for Hotmail.

Hello Philip,

If you have an address at hotmail/msn/live/outlook and your account isn’t set up as Exchange yet, please remove your account from eM Client and then set it up as an Exchange (! please note that deleting the account means that all locally stored data will be deleted).
After deleting the account, go to Tools -> Accounts -> New Account but skip the “Automatic Setup” option and in the “Mail” option click on the Exchange icon. Afterwards just enter your email address in both “Email address” and “User name” fields, enter the password and then be patient while eM Client is “Obtaining server configuration records”.


Hi Maurice,

The Frequency of the errors has changed and I have not had an error for over a day now. My email address is so should I change to the Exchange configuration or put it down to an issue with Hotmail ?