Hotmail settings Incoming/outgoing server HELP!!!!!!!!!

What incoming/outgoing server settings shall I use for hotmail account
Right now I have Port 995 Use SSL/TLS if available
Authentication Use Identity credentials
Port 25
Use SSL/TLS if available
Server requires authentication
Use identity credentials

Where am I wrong? The Emails are hanging in the outbox.

Regards Nidhi

Hello! I ́m from Brazil and I,m getting similar problem…if possible contact me by e-mail [email protected] to dicuss this error…bye…

Can you post the log or screenshot of the error message? One possible cause is the ISP is blocking 3rd parties SMTP server (security reason), that you require to use your ISP’s SMTP server.


these setting should work. As said before, port 25 is often blocked by ISP. I suggest to change it to 587 and see if it helps.

You can try out new eM Client 3.5 Beta 2 which is about to be released today:…

The beta has new Diagnostics tab in “Tools -> Accounts” dialog allowing you to analyze and fix configurations automatically.