Hotmail sent items have my name as the "TO" field after sending with em Client

Want to start with an CONGRATS in a HUGE way to the team that built 6. I have kept trying the versions over the years and always passed due to lack of good Hotmail support.

This time you hit the Hotmail features OUT OF THE PARK! I’m AMAZED. I had switched over 100% but am afraid I need to switch back to Windows Live Mail

I use Copernic which indexes everything… files, emails, pictures, and I’ve grown to not being able to live without it. I can type in an email address and see everything over the years I’ve done with it.

Anyway… a couple of problems in general with Hotmail support. One is that when I send an email, the “TO” field is being stored in the sent folder with my email address in it rather than the person I sent the mail to.

The other is that with Windows Live Mail my messages are downloaded in .eml format and stored on my hard drive. I can’t seem to find where that kind of thing would happen with em Client 6.

And the last one is that sometimes my outbox never finishes being sent. I have to restart the program a few times to get it to send.

Overall, I cannot wait until a tiny bit down the road. I’m super impressed with so many services being pulled together and so many innovative features. I’m just sad that I don’t think I’ll be able to figure this all out so I can keep using it.

Hi, thank you for your support and review of eM Client.

Anyway here are your answers:

  1. I have tested this and I was unable to replicate it, does this happen only with emails to certain user? Do you use IMAP, POP3, or other protocol?

  2. eM client has different design of database, but you can drag and drop your emails directyl from email folders and it will automatically export them in .eml format too.
    Or you can use File - Export…

  3. Send is never immediate with, can you give it a few dozen seconds? Especially if you are sending more emails or you are synchronizating to server many times with only short pause between them. is very strict about synchronization interval.