Hotmail randomly re-syncs all emails

My Hotmail account tends to (out of nowhere) re-sync all the emails and it happens quite frequently.
Suddenly (and completely randomly, as far as I can say) all my emails just disappear from eM Client and then download again from scratch.
It seems like it has been happening much frequently since I upgraded to eM Client 6.

In addition, it happens that some emails are displayed as sent by “nobody@invalid.invalid” with no object.
Whenever I check them on the Outlook website, though, they are perfectly legible emails.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, could you tell me what protocol for email synchronization do you use? Go to tools - accounts - your account and tell me what tabs do you have.

also is there any chance that you are able to force this synchronization?


I have 3 tabs in my Hotmail account:

  • General
  • Mail, Calendar, Contacts
  • Diagnostics

As for forcing the synchronization, I really have no idea how to do it.
Sometimes it happens when I first launch the client, sometimes it happens out of nowhere after I’ve been using it for some hours… I’m sorry but I havent tracked a recursive pattern yet! :frowning:

Other details that may be helpful:

  • I have a total of 10 email accounts configured
  • I have eM Client installed on two different PCs (two lincences)