Hotmail password prompt appearing every few seconds

Been using eMClient for years, now suddenly am getting a password prompt for my hotmail account every few seconds. Have tried unticking the Offline Adderss Book option but still getting the continuous popup. Am able to sign-in to my hotmail account via the website with no problems. Please advise.

Just to add - am using latest version of eMClient.

As you can login ok to webmail, then could be the Microsoft Hotmail authentication or Hotmail mail settings for email clients have changed since you setup your account in eM Client, or your eM CIient version might need updating & could be outdated.

So suggest first make a backup in eM CIient via “Menu / Backup” (Pc) or “File / Backup” (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete via clicking the drop down on the right of Refresh at the top left, and then clicking Show Operations.

Once backed up, go to “Menu / Accounts” and remove and readd your Hotmail account via the “Automatic email wizard” at the top. At the end of the wizard you should get a browser popup to click allow to give eM CIient access to your Hotmail account. Make sure you click that. You should then start to receive mail with no password popup message.

Now apart from that you might need to update eM CIient depending on what version you have. All the latest versions of eM Client for Pc & Mac are available on the release history page. If you do update eM CIient to a later version, close eM CIient before updating.

OK, I got as far as doing the backup, which completed. At which point the message has stopped popping up. I didn’t change anything else, it just mysteriously started working again as normal.

Spoke too soon. After a few minutes, the password request popup started appearing again. So, I then removed the account and re-added it. This time though, it seems to be setup as IMAP / SMTP. Before removing it was setup as an Exchange Web Service. Eitherway, seems to be working OK now.

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Before removing it was setup as an Exchange Web Service. Eitherway, seems to be working OK now.

Great that its now all working. Suggest now to make a new backup incase of any issues in the future.

The automatic wizard will setup personal Microsoft accounts as IMAP by default which is realtime mail.

You can optionally "Manually setup your account as Exchange via “Add account / Mail / Other” where you will also usually get Notes. but the incoming mail is not realtime and is delayed receiving up to a minute.