Hotmail/Outlook/Live contacts missing from EMC

How do I get my contacts to show up again? When I click on any of the views for contacts in Email Client, there are none. But when I go to Outlook on the web for my Microsoft Hotmail Live account, all of my contacts are there.

My emails and tasks and meetings all show up in Email Client just not any of the contacts. They used to be there in Email Client, awhile back, but are now completely missing.


Perhaps this will resolve your problem

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Thanks for the quick reply and good idea. Unfortunately, my “show local folders” box is already checked. And the only place I see all my contacts is now via email on the web, through Outlook
for my hotmail email account/address

In other words, my contacts are now only stored “in the cloud” when they used to sync locally to my EMC on my PC.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again.

Normally when you add your Hotmail, Outlook or Live account to eM Client, the web based contacts all appear in eM Client Contacts automatically unless something has gone wrong in the wizard.

If you want to manually add them in, you would need to go online to webmail and export your contacts and then import them into eM Client Contacts.

Better option though would be to (remove) and (re-add) your Hotmail, Outlook or Live account from scratch. First make a backup via “Menu / Backup”.

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Thanks. Yeah, my contacts used to sync from their original location off the Hotmail server. Maybe the last update by EMC caused a break in the sync.

If I do your better option of re-adding my account, will it lose my local data? I work with a ton of calendar and task items in EMC that I keep in local folders - partly because I don’t want my reminders on these to ding on my phone … but only when I’m doing focused work on my PC. Will the account re-load lose these or put these at risk?

Thanks again.

You can export your Emails to (.eml) , Events, Tasks, Notes to (.ics) & Contacts to (.vcf) before removing and re-adding your account via “Menu / File / Export” and then restore those if you need to (after re-adding your account) if they get removed. As above make a backup first via “Menu / Backup”.

Also check your eM Client version via “Menu / Help / About” incase you need to restore at a later date.

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If you go to Menu > Accounts and click on your Hotmail account, on the General tab is the AirSync service ticked?

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No. I un-checked that box a month or two ago because I was getting hourly error messages in my Inbox/dashboard in EMC and they all said that the errors were with AirSync. I assumed it was something for iPhones’ sync. Since I use Android, I un-checked it and alas, my daily error red flags from EMC went away.

But in the past few days, with my Contacts missing from EMC, I actually re-checked AirSync box then went back into my Contacts on EMC … to see if that was the issue. But they were still missing.

What is that AirSync box for?


AirSync is used to sync contacts and calendars.

If you enable it, they will come. :wink: (sorry, tenuous reference to Field of Dreams which I watched last night.)

Of course if there is an error with AirSync, then that is something that will need to be resolved as well.

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No apology needed! I get the reference and liked the movie [as a former player & current baseball coach, I love most baseball films!].

But my apologies for not replying earlier. We’ve had a death in the family that took me away from my normal activities for months.

Your idea did work, though. Turning AirSync back on … returned my contacts from the server to my local EMC on my PC.

Of course, now the daily error message is back. When I open the red triangle atop my landing page’s header, its message reads…

[AirSync]Error in client/server conversion.

Any ideas on that?
Thanks again.