Hotmail is missing.

I use gmail as my main email but also have hotmail, the hotmail was working fine in the new version, ie all the folders showed up and worked as expected, until tonight, suddenly Hotmail is missing from the left hand pane and even removing the account and adding it again didnt fix it. It’s gone. Why? please help.

can you please send us your AirSync logs? Simply open Tools - Settings - Advanced - Logging and enable AirSync under the problematic account. Then try to simulate the issue and send us the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

Seems to have fixed itself (the next day) so I like to think it was just a glitch with my PC or Hotmail. If it happens again then I will enable the logging and follow it up with you.
Cheers and thanks for the quick response.


I am having a similar issue which corrects itself periodically, but continues to fail. The listing of Hotmail folders on the left side of the screen disappear from eM Client. The Hotmail account still appears in the accounts list under Tools | Accounts.

Hotmail worked last night, but not this morning. It is still not working this afternoon. I checked my cell phone and tablet and those devices are correctly receiving the mail.

Mike Corley

Hi Mike,
we were able to fix it in the past week so you can expect the fixed version soon.

Thanks George, I look forward to the update. ~mike


Has there been any movement forward on the eM Client version that overcomes the Hotmail disappearing problem?


Contact me directly at - I will send you our internal version containing the fix.