Hotmail folders disappears when synchronizing...

Hi, I’m using emclient for more than two years and I’m very happy of the product. It’s version 7.2.34711.0 and my PC is running windows 7 will the updates installed. Since this morning I don’t have any folder I created in my emclient, it just remains the standard folder like “inbox”, “sent items”, etc…  The folders are still present on the microsoft page “” but no more on the client. I already tried to restore a former database, the folders appeared but as soon as it starts a synchronisation the folders disappear one after each other until no one remain…  Could you please tell me what happens and how to solve it, it’s really very annoying.
Thanks in advance for your quick assistance. Best regards, Luc Sohy.

Hi dears,this little message just to inform you that as of now the problem seems to be solved…  I changed nothing on my side, my PC has not been restarted but my folders appear again !  I imagine a problem on the Microsoft server’s side??? Best regards and sorry for this finally useless post, Luc Sohy.