hotmail contacts didnt import

looking to import my hotmail accounts contacts (now functioning under when i set it up i asked it to sync contacts along with mail, but it only synced mail. any reason why? a way to fix it?

after that one i tried adding a gmail account i rarely use, basically to see if it would work, and that one did. its just the hotmail one missing the contact information… 

Greetings full of sun from Hannover, Germany !
I think I’ve the same problem.
10 or 14 days ago I installed the new version under win10 32bit.
No problems with mail and calendar ( !
Some days later: The first update > Mail o.k. but no calendar information !!
Some days later: The update 7.0.26557.0 > Mail o.k. but no calendar information !!!
What’s the problem ?
What to do ?
Have a nice time !
Thanks !

Hello !
AirSync aktivated > o.k. > No problems !
Thanks !