Hotmail Calendr sync fails permananetly

I am getting an error since I have installed the EM client. It seems to work very rarely like I can sync once every 2 days or so (I can see that dates I added are shown after 48 h or so in either other caleder …) The following text comes up:
Das Synchronisieren des Ordner 'Hotmail (ibeutell)/Calendar/ ist
fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: Der Remoteserver hat einen
Fehler zurückgegeben: (503) Server nicht verfugbar.
Because I need the calendar and adress sync funktion I have switched from the non-working Windows live client to EM. I hoped the issue was solved with the recent update due to the leap year…but it didn’t fix the issue.

Thanks for advice

Just like Jörn, I downloaded Version 7 hoping that the sync now works.  It doesn’t I’m afraid - or not completely.  Emails and contacts seem to be fine, however Calendar sync doesn’t work.  I keep getting an error message about an invalid URL: “Invalid URL: The hostname could not be parsed.”  If you can sort this out, that would be much appreciated.  There are some flaky things with the interface - labels obscuring input fields, some labels only showing the upper half of the characters, uneven font sizing for example.  I am assuming that this is because it is still Beta?

Hi Geoff,
we didnt put out beta with any intentional errors in GUI, so it seems you have a display setting that we were not able to replicate in closed testing conditions.
Could you report your problem with the GUI (screenshots of problematic areas) to [email protected]? Or have you done so already?

The invalid URL issue is being worked on.



Apologies for the tardy response. 

I have now downloaded and am trying to use Version 7 Beta 2.  I am using a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 1317 with the display set at 3200 x 1800. The layout issues have very much improved over Beta 1, apart from a few I have found when setting up accounts and in the Calendar (example below).  I shall email all these to the address above.

I still, however, have the same problem with my Hotmail Account. I use the auto set up and after several minutes of synchronisation, my emails, calendar and contacts all come through.  I can use the Calendar with no problem - I can set up new appointments in eM Client and they come through to the Hotmail Account (visible on my phone for example); similarly, I can set new appointments on my phone and they appear in eM Client.  Frustratingly, after a couple of days, the calendar entries all disappear - just leaving email and contacts. The Calendar pane in eM Client simply gives the message “This folder contains no items…etc”.

I have tried deleted the Hotmail account in eM Client and set it up again as a new account - but nothing changes - Calendar works for a couple of days, then nothing.

I am desperate to find an alternative to Windows Live Mail and your software does seem an ideal solution - if you could just get the Calendar to work!

Many thanks for any assistance or guidance.

Many thanks