Hotmail Calendar all-day event showing up incorrect

I have installed the latest version of eM Client (6.0.19705.0), and suddenly I get the following error. When I save an all-day event, it saves fine, and synchronizes. But when I look in hotmail calendar online, the event shows up over a 2-day period. Something is wrong here, but I can’t find out what. I can’t set a timezone for an all-day event, but the timezones seem to be identical in eM Client and online calendar.
Another problem following this one, is that on another computer the event shows up as it does online, thus over a 2-day period. In the end, things get very messy.
There is only one error when opening the client, but I can’t imagine this having to do anything with the problem above:
“Renaming /Calendar failed due to error: AlreadyExists (2).”
Can anybody help me?

Hi, could you export event with this issue to .ics and send me it to [email protected] together with this topic’s url?


I have a similar problem. I get an invite from a google account for an all day event. I accept and sync it to my hotmail account. It later shows up as 2 AM- 2 AM. The time zone in Gmail is set to +1, as is my PC with EM Client, and also the Hotmail calendar is set to +1. what could be the problem?

Hi, can you please do as suggested above, export the event to .ics file and send it to [email protected] ?
Also what version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

I had this same issue some time ago.  Actually, posted on here somewhere about it.  It’s not eMclient!  It’s hotmail/  It’s because (IMO) they have their ‘all day’ time screwy!  Their ‘all day’ time is set for 12am-12am… get it?  at 12am a new day begins.  Thus, Monday Sept. first, Labor Day, will show for ‘all day’ on Monday, but not end until Tuesday (because it goes to 12am).

I don’t completely remember how I got the holiday calendar OFF of the calendar, but I remember creating a new calendar, without holidays, changed that new one to default, and then deleted the old.  I think with the birthdays I actually went thru the majority and ‘unticked’ all day and made them say 8am-4pm.  This may not be viable option for a lot of ppl because I don’t think appointments were saved to the new calendar.

But if you can get stuff to Google calendar, it works just fine.  I also used that for some time.  I believe I was able to import my hotmail/outlook contacts, which included their birthdays.  My FB birthdays I recall being more difficult, but did it somehow.  I wonder if there’s a way to export appointments to Google calendar?  I’m a stay at home mom at the moment, so I don’t have a lot of appointments.

If you already figured all this out, my apologies for the ramblings…  otherwise, hope any of it helps or sheds light?

Anne B

Hi Anne, thank you for the update, you should be able to export appointments from your current calendar by simply drag and dropping them onto your Google account. You can use the Agenda view to select all your current appointments/events. You can also export the appointments from eM Client into .ics files which you can again then just import into the Google calendar using the import/export feature in File > Import/Export.

Hope this helps,