hotmail account only syncing old items from inbox

Hi I am new to emclient and have installed it on my windows 10 machine. All my email accounts work fine except for my Hotmail account. I used the automatic setup but the weird thing is it only imports old items from my online inbox. Everything stops in 2014. I can see on that I have way more email messages in my inbox. Loads of the messages that are being imported show as nobody@invalid.invalid.

Can anybody help me set this Hotmail address up in the correct manner to sync. Deleting items in emclient is also not syncing back to the online Hotmail address.

In short I need help with setting up this email account as it is not working right now.

I need to update this slightly. It did now pull in everything but I keep getting sync error messages from em client saying that the remote server gave an error 403?

See comments in this thread re: switching to IMAP…

thanks Beikul, I will take a look and will report back here if it works for me