Hotmail account no longer working with eM Client

About a week ago, my hotmail account stopped working with eM Client.  It kept asking me for my password but wouldn’t get any further ( I can’t remember the error message now).  Anyway, it kept trying every 10mins and sending me error messages, so I deleted my hotmail account from eM Client.  I tried to add it again, but I kept getting the same message.  Today I have tried to add the hotmail account again but am now getting a different error message:
Unauthorised client: The client does not exist.  If you are the application developer, configure a new application through the application management site at …

Any ideas what I can do people??  Don’t want to have to find a new mail client.

If the hotmail account is set to IMAP and the version you are running is older than v7.2.34959 then take a look at this Reaction to the authentication problem note.

Liviu is right.

Just download the new version from the Home page of eM Client
Afterwards you most likely need to supply your password for hotmail.