hotmail access

emclient doesn’t open … since 2 days ago.
Before that it was working normally.
Now it says that is necessary the password but i configured it automatically and then putted the password that is correct.Becouse if i sign in by hotmail page it works and i can see my messages.
Does anybody have the same problem as me?

The same thing happened to me with 3 hotmail accounts. Uninstall (back up your emails) Em Client and reinstall it and it will work for you. Or download the latest update, version 7.2.34959.0.

ok thanks a lot


If you still have the problem, you tell me an email from you, I send you a definitive solution to your problem, here I can not give it to you.

thanks…but for now i resolved forwording the email to an other account (not hotmali!) that is still working with eMClient.
Although it is not the best solution,it is fine for me (for now!)
Thanks bye

OK, luck

Facing the same problem since 12-3-19 with no synchronisation with hotmail!
Please Help

Please set up your or hotmail account as Exchange.  How to do that I explained in a reply  to another post 8
I have always set up my account as Exchange ,  and never had a problem with any of the eM Client versions 7.

Please have a look at our official announcement about this issue - it includes a fix you can install:

Official announcement doesn’t solve the problem…

for me it worked! i have windows 10…i simply have installed it and then i create the account…and it works!!

I can connect to Hotmail with a browser or other email clients, no way to connect with eM Client any more

OK, the latest eM Client update with the option to " Repair" fixed the problem with Hotmail! 
Thank you!