Hosted Exchange (OVH) Shared Calendar's / Mailboxes names problem


So we have an hosted exchange (2016) account using OVH and using latest version of Em Client. Our calendars and mail boxes are shared with each other.

I can setup a main account, then proceed to add the delegated calendars and mail boxes to the list. When I use the search box to add a delegated account, I can type the name of my partners (like John Smith") and it will show me the right result. However the name of the calendar / mail box is weird, something like : Yco-d4Kfd4k5fjma5l4

Update : here is a screenshot

Capture d’écran 2020-10-09 à 10.53.01

I proceed to add it. The calendar / mail box shows up, I can add and delete events, mails, etc., but the weird name remain. When I try to edit the properties, the “Name” box is greyed out and I can’t modify it. It seems to be using Location as the name.

So I have several calendars / mail boxes that have weird names, making it hard to recognize who is who.

I have checked my server side config and in the admin panel, I did write people’s names in the mail setting field. Also I can search and find them using their name. But the calendar’s and mailbox name is weird…

Last, in the OWA the shared calendar’s names appear correctly. So I believe it’s something wrong with eMClient…

Can someone help ? Thank you !

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Because we are trying eMClient actually, but it isn’t usable in this state. Nobody has a clue ? Somewhere we should look at to get more information ?