Horrible Support

I just wanted to make a post about how I feel about the support from the staff here.  I posted a question several weeks ago about a problem that suddenly appeared trying to add more than one email address to a distribution list.  My question went unanswered so a day or two ago I again posted a thread asking for some help on the issue but once again, no support.

This lack of support affirms my earlier decision to not buy eM Client until I was positive that it was worth buying.  It is obvious from this lack of support that I made the right decision.  I have therefore uninstalled it and switched over to Mozilla Thunderbird.

All I can say is that if you want to earn our business, then support everyone and answer our questions when we seek help.  Speaking for myself; you certainly have not earned my business or respect.



We are sorry that no one replied to your issue on a community forum. Together with the release of new version 7.1 and a high number of support, we were forced to focus more on our VIP support that is available to our PRO users. Hopefully, we will get to your issue and solve it now. 

I would like to make you sure that after purchasing our PRO version, you will be able to request help from our VIP support and we guarantee an answer within 24 hrs. 

With regards,

Like I said,you should support all of your customers equally.  Based on the lack of support I received, why would I even consider buying eM Client?  I am certainly not going to reward you for ignoring my help request by buying your software.

I deleted eM Client from my system and have switched to Mozilla Thunderbird and did so because over the course of several weeks, you failed to provide support.  It is interesting though that you had the time to answer this thread but not the two threads where I was actually seeking help.  Em Client should reevaluate their relationship with their customers…


I think the point that Russel is trying to make is that many of us have paid for the software. It seems to me to be a wise business decision to support the paying customer first.
As a paying customer, I would hope that the support guys would get to me and other paying customers first.

I got his point but how many weeks or months should I have to wait for a response?  At some point, my help requests will be several pages down and will be forgotten and I will still be unable to use the software for my intended purpose. 

And again, I find it interesting that he found time to respond to this thread but didn’t have time to respond to the help request I posted two days ago.  Bottom line is that they lost a customer because of a lack of support.