Home license too limited - not worth using for people like me?

It’s a real pity the home version only allows 2 email addresses - for this reason I won’t use it - otherwise it is fantastic! I use post/accounts/kevin/signups @mydomain to manage mail better. $50 is a bit much to get this functionality. Could I suggest being just a little more generous on the home license?

I also think you are shooting yourself in the foot with this strategy.

Say you allowed 10 email addresses. Then it would get really widespread adoption, I would predict it would overtake thunderbird, and then more businesses would order.

I am a director in a small business, and had I got the chance to use it long term at home I might well have developed the confidence in it (over time) to license it for my employees. As it is I am now bookmarking your site, and might check back occasionally, but will not be investing time in the product until it is either (a) Useful for home email without this serious limitation. Honestly, if I had gotten time to develop confidence in it I might have been ordering.

Hello Kevin,

please contact me on neumann@emclient.com. I can prepare some special offer for you.

Got your email thanks :slight_smile: