holidays sweden

Hello, brand new user of emClient here. emClient told me I could import Swedish holidays but I didn’t get the swedish ones. I got for example Allerheiligen/Toussaint/Ognissanti (AG/AI/BE/BL/FR/GL/GR/JU/LU/NW/OW/SG/SO/SZ/TI/UR/VS/ZG) which I guess should be “Alla helgons dag” in Swedish. Happened on two different computers.

And then I tried another language just to see what happened and that one was imported into the default calendar (instead of as a separate calendar) and I don’t know how to delete the holidays (which are not for my region).

Hi Peter, holidays should be imported to the calendar you’ve selected to import the calendars into. To delete imported holidays, you can use the agenda view and select all the holidays you don’t want in your calendar and delete them, unfortunately there’s not setting to un-do the import.

I’m not completely sure which holidays do you claim to be incorrect. Is there an issue with all the imported holidays for Sweden or are just some of them wrong? You could help us quickly improve this by telling us which are wrongfully imported.

Thank you for reporting this,

Verry easy not will be any problem, U can use wikipedia article -, Thanks

there is 2 moveable feast day - Good Friday and Bright Monday U can also calculate this days by easter date, last friday before easter and next monday after easter, it verry easy, u can use wiki table or calculate -, only please note: in georgia we are using julian dates for easter, not standart, u can see in table,

if any answer please send me on email