Holidays showing for 2 days...

So, I recently (today) decided to check this out. So far, I really like the layout, and importing everything went well.

However, I am having problems with the calendar. At first, I had holidays and birthdays listed more than once, on their particular day. I thought I had that fixed earlier. After a few hours of not being on here, I go to my calendar and now the holidays are showing up over the course of 2 days. I.e. shows Valentine’s Day starting tomorrow (Thursday the 13th) at 4pm and ending Friday (the 14th) at 4pm. And a couple of birthdays I thought were fixed, are now showing up 3 times, on the same day.

I’m on Win7 PC, with an email. Have used WLM, Outlook 2007, I was REALLY liking eM, but my calendar is suddenly a mess…

Hi, could you tell me what provider for your calendar account do you use? Can you also make screenshot of this behaviour and post it here?


Actually, I figured it out. I WAS using, and it was THEIR fault. Why? Because holidays are always “all day” events, which is fine, however… their time setting for all day events is 12am to 12am! This makes ANY “all day” event show for 2 days, including birthdays.

I’ve set up my emails to go to Gmail now, and am using that calendar now (did NOT import outlook calendar). So, I’ve re-installed eM client and it seems to be working flawlessly with gmail.

Thanks for responding and thanks for such a great app!

Thank you for this explanation.