Ho do I display favourite email folders?

I want to be able to display favourite folders (shortcuts) rather than trawling through my folder list to find folders with emails


you can simply create your own Search folder and configure it to display whatever you want. Search folder options can be found in the Search bar. Simply click the small arrow to see more.


This is not the same: you cannot move a message to this search folder, you cannot directly go to its parent folder, nor to is child folders.
What we (?) want is something like a shortcut somewhere (in the smart folder perhaps) to go directly to the location of a folder.


Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately we do not support favourite folders except search folders or smart folders.
You can setup a folder on your account and setup a search folder that displays all the email from this folder (but is listed on top).

I’m sorry if this setup is not ideal, we’ll consider improving this feature in future releases.

Thank you,