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When you manage multiple email accounts in imap and each account has many subfolders becomes difficult to find new messages, especially in sub-
It would be interesting to do as thunderbird.
Indicate with a color or a star messages and subfolders just arrived with new posts


this is not exactly planned as eM Client shows number of unread emails next to folder, but I will keep it for other users to +1 for requests.

But be aware of that we do not want to make coloured mess from eM client’s interface so it would look much simpler if it would be implemented in the future.

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I’m not really agree
I’ll explain why.
I have used for years and switching to thunderbird emclient I found that works very well and I would also propose to my clients.
With each passing day, however, managing many mailboxes imap folders and organized with many thanks to rules set appropriately find it really hard to find new messages as they arrive.
You’ve set a search folder but honestly does not solve my problem.
The fact that a message is not read does not mean that it should require my attention and above all does not mean that just arrived.
For example today I might have a folder called emclient (among many) with an automatic rule that puts messages from your assistance in this folder. Among the many folders with unread messages (because still to manage, and then deliberately left unread) would be happy to realize at a glance the new folder emclient (even if the folder there are more unread messages, maybe old)

I find that thunderbird does this job very well and the interface is not very complex. Then of course emclient does so many other things better, but this might take good thing about it is its thunderbird.


no we simply do not plan to change this because it is usable as it is even with high numbers of accounts.

plus we do not want to make coloured mess from our design as I have stated before.

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you could leave it as an option


I will keep this topic opened for other users to +1 this, but as I have written before we have plan that we stick to and we do not want to make from eM Client another email client almost unusable due to large amount of features.

plus we need to focus on features requested by majority.

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I too have several folders, each with sub folders.
For example I have a folder called company A, with several employees in sub folders that may send me emails. Rules are set to put their emails into their individual folders as they arrive, however as I have quite a few of these, they run off the screen so I need to keep scrolling down to see if any new emails have arrived.

If the folders are minimized and a new mail arrives, it would be nice to see an indication next to the main folder that a new mail is in the sub folder. So in the example above, company A would show a 1 or 2 etc next to the collapsed folder. I don’t think colouring is required, just a number or star to indicate a new email would be nice.


> this is not exactly planned as eM Client shows number of unread emails next to folder, but I will keep it for other users to +1 for requests. 

This isn’t entirely true. Incoming emails moved to a folder serverside are not recognised by em client as new. Only if you open the folder manually you’ll see the new mails and the counter beside the folder name is updated. There should be an option per folder to watch it for incoming emails.

+1 for the watch option per folder

Hi, eM client only synchronizes the inbox automatically, other folders are synchronized after you open them. You could avoid this by using “Download messages for offline use”, that will download all your emails automatically, but the indication that new email are available will be still in inbox only.
If you’re not using “download messages for offline use” other folders should indicate that new email is available by displaying three dots next to the folder name.

Also if unread email has been already downloaded the number of unread email will be shown next to the folder.

Hope this helps,

It does, thank you. I’ve tried both options and I think I’ll stick to the “…”. A symbol a little more visible would be great but I can do with “…”.

One more thing. Figures are not propagated upwards, right? I noticed that new mails in depth 2 are not “notified” with “…” in depth 1 or 0. Folders must be unfolded for “…” to appear(?)

I’m actually not quite sure at the moment, but I’m using a folder in depth = 2, and the I’m seeing the indication that new emails are available, so it should work.
But I keep my folders unfolded all the time.

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+1 to differentiate between unread and new emails

I am testing eM Client if it would fit my needs and I must say that while I really like the program so far, the inability to differentiate between unread and new emails is kind of a deal breaker for me. 

I am not the kind of person to consistently mark emails as read. This has lead me to mailboxes with tens of thousands of unread unimportant emails. That is why I depend on new mail markings.

Simple indicators like bold font or different color for folder with new email (this could be applied just to unread counter if you worry it would mess up your design too much). For new email messages, orange circle, that indicates unread messages, could be instead green for new email.