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I’m new to eM Client. There doesn’t seem to be a button to highlight text when writing an email. Am I missing something?


I am not sure what exactly is this function for, when you are writing text you see that text obviously.

What do you mean by highlight text while writing?


i was also wanting this feature, which is available in Tbird. It is like using a yellow highlighter to mark selected text in the email.

just switched to eM after 15+ years with Tbird.

unfortunately this feature is not planned in foreseeable future at this moment.

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Why are you unable to highlight text in an email? Is there an alternative if you wish to call attention to a specific point in an email? In Outlook you can change the background color or highlight the text in yellow. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter to me which one you add as long as you are able to do one of them. Please add feature!

The only way I see to do this is as follows:

In your e-mail window, select Insert --> HTML and enter the following text:

The only issue I have with this solution, is that I can not find a way to see the HTML text again in the HTML editor (if I want to change it).

Well conventions are that important things are supposed to be highlighted by bold.
But you can do this by inserting HTML code like it is shown in post under.


Rather than a clunky workaround, can this be made a standard part of editing, like in every other email program?  Please??

I would also like this to be implemented - me and my customers regularly use it in Outlook when exchanging emails between 3-4 different persons, as we highlight the name of mentioned people to draw their attention to specific paragraphs within a lenghty email.  Bold text is used to apply emphasis to the content itself.

I would also like this to be implemented.

Text Highlighting is very important for people who refer back to previous emails, especially with long email threads.  As a Pro version subscriber, I would very much like to see this feature in version 7.

+1, I would also like to see this being implemented. 

I would also like to see this.

A tool on the text editing toolbar, with multiple highlight colors, would be ideal!.

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I also want multiple highlight text and hope eM Client add this function.

Add me to the list of those wanting highlighting!

add me please we need a highlighter

I think what people are looking for is a text-highlight function similar to the function in Microsoft Word. Typical “highlight” would change the text background color (to yellow, for example). This should be one of the possible options/actions one could add to the edit toolbar. Thank you.

You’ll find the highlighter in this thread (thanks to @sunriseal).