Highlight text, drag, hit Esc on the keyboard and text remains floating on the screen

This is a strange bug to report, but if I select some text in an email message, then start dragging the text (as if I want to drag-and-drop), then I hit the Escape key on the keyboard, the text remains highlighted and “floats” on the screen. I cannot make it go away, except to exit Em Client.

I found this accidentally when I started dragging some text that I did not intend to drag. I figured hitting Escape would terminate the drag/drop process. It did, but it left artifacts on the screen.

I’m using eM Client 5.0.28661.0 on Windows 7 64-bit.


this is Unfortunately some IE related issue which is out of our reach to be fixed (eM Client uses IE core to show emails), anyway form me it helps when I clik on that “floating” text and try to drag it more then after release it will disappear.

with regards

Thanks for the quick reply, Jan. Unfortunately, I cannot click on that floating text once I hit escape. I’ve tried. I just tried minimizing everything and only having that floating text on my screen, but there’s absolutely no way for me to select it.

In any case, I appreciate you might be constrained by whatever bugs IE present you. I’ll just have to find a different solution than hitting Esc :slight_smile:

thank you for your understanding, anyway form some users I am getting information that windows 8.1 with IE 11 helps with many errors. Unfortunately I can’t confirm this because I reject moving to win 8 and my colleagues with win 8 are not having issues at all :confused:

I fear that microsoft will forget on repairing issues in older IEs after releasing this version :confused:

:slight_smile: You’re not alone.

I purchased Windows 8 and hated it, so I gave it to my son.

I use my PC to get work done and Windows 8 is horrible. Just to search for a program, Windows 8 will fill your entire screen with icons. If you accidentally hit the “Windows” key, then the entire desktop is replaced with the Start screen.

I understand that Microsoft needs a tablet operating system and some of the enhancements are good for tablets. But, I use my machine to try to get work done and do not need tablet features on the desktop.

i am having this problem as well. Windows 8 x64. Here’s image of the problem:


Hi, do you have latest IE version?


i have 10.0.92xxxxxxx.xxxxxx

then please update to latest IE version, eM Client uses it’s core to show emails, updating IE usually helps to solve many issues and this issue is one of them :slight_smile:


i have the highest version of IE that runs on my operating system, version 10.

Version 10 was released in 2012-- it is a very recent version of IE.

Version 11 only became available to Windows 7 in October 2013.

You’re saying that eM will not work properly with IE 10?

And you’re saying i must upgrade my operating system to use eM?

eM Client has the same issue with Windows 7 and IE11. That’s what I’m using. I had IE10 installed when I first reported this issue and it behaved the same way.

No, eM Client will work for you. But this issue lies in IE and it is solved by updating IE to latest version and resetting it to default settings.


I have this instructions from developer. IE 11 should resolve this, but I see you are still having this issue.

I will ask more about this.


I have same problem with Windows 7 64 Bit and IE 11:

running all the latest patches and updates including version 6.019714.0 of EM Client


do you have latest version of Internet Explorer?


IE 11.0.9600.16476 on Windows 7

Why is this thread marked “solved”? It is NOT solved.

It was solved in past, newer version of this issue is completely on Microsoft’s head with it’s IE so there is no reason to alter it.


Blaming IE is not fair. This is your product. If IE has a bug, don’t use IE.

Hi Johny,

eM Client is built using .NET…a big library of code written by Microsoft…what if this .NET code contains an error? Should the company behind eM Client develop such a library them selves?

eM Client makes use of an existing database … which also releases bug fixes…should eM Client build their own database?

Internet Explorer has also many advantages…or should the company behind eM Client develop their own control to show e-mails?

Can eM Client use another third party control for showing e-mails? What if that other third party control has bugs?