High memory usage

After being active for a while, the app gets a memory usage up to 1,3 GB.
Is this a bug or memory leak? Or is this normal?

MacOS 12.4
Em Client 9.0.1755
4 accounts

If it is a bug then I think it’s either MacOS related or it’s something to do with the size of your inbox (possibly?). I am running eM Client on my Windows PC which I only reboot to apply Windows updates. My current uptime is 5 days and 17 hours, and eM Client has been running the entire time. My current RAM usage is 370.6 MB. I have never seen it get to 1+ GB of RAM usage on my PC.

To be very clear though, when my eM Client is running it is in the background minimized to the task bar. Is your client running in the foreground for extended periods? If not then I’m not sure what’s causing your instance to grow to the size that it is.

It’s always running in foreground. I’ll try to set it to the background

Tried above. No difference.
How can I reduce the high memory usage of eM Client?

Edit: v. 9.1.2082