High Disk Usage - 100% - makes PC unusable

Latest upgrade seems to have caused major issues on disk utilisation. Without eM running, my PC runs well. When eM running, my computer is unusable. Am in Windows 10. Can you please fix?! Very frustrating problem. Seems directly linked to new version of eM.

I’m seeing a similar problem on Win 10 - disk utilization is pinned at 100%. Googling for Windows problems I found an odd solution - changing Power Options plan to Balanced & resetting that to its default values. Seemed to help after a few minutes, but the spike returned every time system came out of sleep. Today I shut down em Client - and I have not seen the issue since this morning (6-7 hours now). 
I just upgraded to V7.2.36908.0, but I was seeing the high disk usage in the previous version as well.