High CPU usage anf system lockup

I like emClient, I really do - when it works.
At the moment - for, roughly, the last week - when I select a message to view emClient start ‘looking’ for something (small circle going around in circles) and never stops. emClient show itself with 35-50% of the CPU and on subprocess drawing a constant nothing. Memory usage is changing but well within reason.
I have four email accounts which, in total, get about 100 messages a day. The latest change was a recommendation to remove airsync when I lost all my hotmail contacts (didn’t lose them, they just aren’t being imported) as an attempt to regain normal operation.
Very frustrated, I like the program but still have outlook from office365 loaded and I can and do use it when emClient locks up.
If the solution is uninstall and reinstall - I’ve done that twice before with other problems and if that’s the “solution” again, I’ll just uninstall. If the product is stable it shouldn’t be having these problems …

I assume you are using the PRO version… perhaps opening a support ticket will get you answers to ALL your issues

I’d like to try that but even after changing my password I keep getting “invalid email or password”
I said I’m frustrated!
(btw, thanks for the thought)

Other than waiting for other volunteers or eM CLient support people to visit the forums, perhaps you need to use another email client to try and get a message to eM Client support.