High battery usage

I have been trying eM Client for a while and I generally like it. But I left my laptop sleeping over night and noticed that it was down to 65% battery charge from 100%. The greatest consumer in the last 6 hours of sleeping was EMClient with 63% battery usage. It also runs at 15% cpu usage just idling. That won’t work using on a laptop. I thought about buying a licence but not when it uses that much power.

I run eMC on a laptop and and eMC “idling” registers 0.0% and when checking for email/calendar it appears to hit 0.2 - 1.0% for a few seconds.

I shut down eMC before putting the laptop to sleep and keep the laptop plugged into the wall during the “sleep” so can not address the battery drain.

Windows 10
eMC v8.1.979

It would be helpful if you were to post more info about your laptop (more is better) so others may be able to offer suggestions.

Thanks for your reply. It’s an ASUS ROG STRIX III laptop. It’s high powered with an i7 processor and a RTX 2070 video card. I usually shut it down over night because many apps seems to put being connected constantly over use of power. Anyway - sometimes I have to let it idle for a couple of hours during usage without a power supply available. Would be good to know what eM did over night and why it uses 15% of CPU time. Doesn’t seem to do anything visible. I’ve loaded Outlook for now and it only used 0.4% just now.

I keep eM up to date so I should have the most current version.

I gave it another try today and it behaved well. So maybe it was just a rogue process being active. I noticed when it used 15% CPU there were 2 processes with the name eM Client active. Today there is only one called eM Client (32) and the usage is minimal.

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